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White Lillies

2024 Easter Lillies

Thank you for your orders! See full list of sponsors below to be published in our Easter bulletins. If you do not see your name and submitted a form, please contact our church office

Given to the Glory of God and In Memory of:

Joseph Guy & Dorothy Jones by Pepie & Rick Jones

James Heracklis by Pepie & Rick Jones

Madge, Rhyne, Elaine Sparks, & Jane S. Alexander by the Sparks Family

A.L. McCarter by Nancy & Jimmy Faulkner

J.F. Faulkner, Sr. by Nancy & Jimmy Faulkner

Walker Hayes by Mick & Carla McMahan

Rob Frye by Mick & Carla McMahan

William Thomas Harper by Darlene Harper

Dawn Goodwin by Darlene Harper

Dennis Lander by Darlene Harper

Both of our parents by Gene & Debbie Keller

Marion and Ruth Allen by Lee and Donna Allen 


Given to the Glory of God and In Honor of:


Patricia Hughes by Bill & Charlotte Eaker

Ben Jones & Jennifer Craven by Pepie & Rick Jones

Maria, Craig, & Caleb Ray by Pepie & Rick Jones

Circle of Patience by Nancy Sparks

Tessa Alena Abernathy, our beautiful granddaughter by Katrina & Lee Hinds

The Circle of Goodness by Tess Gibbons

All of Our Loved Ones Lavada & Bob Barnill

All of Our Loved Ones Lavada & Bob Barnill

MaryElizabeth, B.J., & Baby Mattox by Nancy & Jimmy Faulkner

A.J. Faulkner by Nancy & Jimmy Faulkner

Chris Murphy, Cody Carpenter, & Kim Borromeo by Pastor Tom & Anne Corbell

Elizabeth Lethermon by Circle of Patience

Grandkids by Marty & Diane Campbell

Cody Carpenter by John Sautner

Upper Room Class by John Sautner

Chris & Shelly Murphy by John Sautner

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Allen by John Sautner

Ted & Lela Braswell by John Sautner

Parents of Ted & Lela Sautner by John Sautner

Martha & David Williard by John Sautner

John & Sarah Waldrop by John Sautner

Bob & Marie Ferguson by John Sautner

Dr. Reggie & Barbara Parlier by John Sautner

Pastor Tom & Ann Corbell by Circle of Patience

Our 5 children and 8 grandchildren by Gene & Debbie Keller

Paul and Kyoko Kaiser by Barbara Kies

Our parents and grandkids by Bob and Marilyn Kosak 

Elaine Busch by Lee and Donna Allen 

Pastor Ryan and Wife by Lee and Donna Allen 

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