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Only the hospitalized and grieving disciples are added automatically.  Prayer concerns will be carried for two weeks unless notified otherwise. Prayers for the concerns listed below are lifted up during Sunday morning worship, staff meetings and other prayer times throughout the week. 

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· Lee Hinds, following rotator cuff surgery on 9/8

· John Long, for continued prayers as he begins medical treatment

· Brenda Jenkins, possible Parkinson’s, pending tests later this year

· Bob Kosak, following back surgery on 8/24

· Wanda Christman, continuing health concerns

· For all affected by Covid-19, including Ann Riggs and David Stephens

· Homebound: Shirley Anderson, Caroline Banker, Pinkney Froneberger, Rob Frye, Dell Guffey, Paul Kaiser, Ann Riggs, Hilda Teumer, Kathy Wallace, Iris Work

· John Engel, friend of the Kosaks, for healing from a fall, with broken ribs and a punctured lung

· Bernard Brice, hospitalized and on a ventilator following a stroke on 9/27

· Betty Hodge, mother of Claye Hodge – hospitalized with after effects from a stroke

· Pastor Steven King and Family, at the death of his brother Phillip on 9/28

· Pastor Steve Rhodes, with pancreatic cancer

· Angela L., diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Prayers requested by Elizabeth and Harriett Lethermon

· For our country to grow in ways that value the sanctity of all life

· For those who do not yet trust Jesus for salvation, and for the Holy Spirit to work in HT Disciples to increase our passion to share Christ with others

· The People of Ukraine, esp. Spiritual Orphans Network

· Leah Sharibu, to remain faithful to the Lord Jesus in the midst of her imprisonment

· Pr. Yousef Nadarkhani, arrested for his Christian witness in a Muslim country

· Voice of the Martyrs Ministry, for God’s continued blessing

· Robin Simmons, daughter of Iris Work, for overall health

· Students, Families, Teachers + Staff, during the 2022-2023 school year

· Family & friends actively serving in the military:  Brett Boyd, Eric Cooper, Mae Dodd, Brian Hanna, Tyler Hearn, Andrew Lambert, Luke Saylors, Liam Overby, Ryan Wallace

· For safety and peace of healthcare workers: Beth Cook, Melodie Garrison, Kailey Hinds, Cindy Isenhour, Lynn Ledbetter, Anna Murphy, Reggie Parlier, Jennifer Sutley and all others

·         Jim Warren, recovering after heart bypass surgery