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HTLC Gastonia Prayer List

Only the hospitalized and grieving disciples are added automatically.  Prayer concerns will be carried for two weeks unless notified otherwise. Prayers for the concerns listed below are lifted up during Sunday morning worship, staff meetings and other prayer times throughout the week. 


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  • Ann Riggs, healing from covid 

  • Rob Frye, healing from covid 

  • For the Holy Spirit to rise volunteers to minister, serve, and support Displaced Roses 

  • Terri Cate, for a safe delivery for both mom and baby 

  • Jacob Myers, Praise God. His heart tests show no abnormalities. 

  • Alan, husband of Belinda, Elizabeth Lethermon’s cousin, and his fight with Leukemia 

  • Maynard Bridges, for healing from Covid 

  • David Ballard, father of Angie Haney 

  • Lane Lineberger, South Point High School football player, serious concussion 

  • Tina Heracklis, sister-in-law of Pepie Jones, healing and recovery from surgery 

  • The family of Paulette Brice, at her death on 9/20 

  • The Sigmon family, grieving the loss of Doug Sigmon, brother of Jo Carole Sigmon Carson 

  • Barbara Scruggs, for physical comfort and peace as she is under hospice care 

  • The Smith family, grieving the loss of Todd 

  • Della, requested by Elizabeth  

  • Bob Kosak, recovering at home 

  • Chad Barnes, the son of Harold Barnes and brother of Wesley Barnes, who is hospitalized while having treatments for cancer  

  • Barbara Ledford, cancer on the spleen  

  • Mary Lou Baxter, friend of Ken and Judy Weatherford, who is receiving chemotherapy and radiation for cancer treatment  

  • Janet Green, for her health and overall wellbeing, as she is undergoing radiation for stage one cancer  

  • Lauren Bryant, cousin of Marsha McLamb, undergoing treatment for cancer  

  • Palmer Jones, granddaughter of Debbie and Gene Keller, for her health and post-operative recovery  

  • Bryson Smith, for his healing  

  • Bob Burleson, recurrence of prostate cancer and tolerance with chemotherapy  

  • Cissy Belton, treatment for pancreatic insufficiency and other GI issues   

  • Wanda Christman, for her health 

  • Rob Frye, for his health 

  • Homebound: Caroline Banker, Pinkney Froneberger, Rob Frye, Dell Guffey, Paul Kaiser, Ann Riggs, Kathy Wallace, Iris Work 

  • For those outside the Church, that they may be brought to faith in Christ Jesus 

  • Robin Simmons, for her health 

  • That the world would value the dignity of all life 

  • For peace in the world and in our homes 

  • Leah Sharibu, and all persecuted Christians 

  • The Voice of the Martyrs 

  • For the Holy Spirit to enliven our parish to serve those in need 

  • Family and friends actively serving in the military: Brett Boyd, Eric Cooper, Mae Dodd, Josh Holland, Andrew Lambert, Luke Saylors, Liam Overby, Ryan Wallace, Jacob Lawing 

  • For healthcare workers:  Chuck Niemeyer and Bridget Niemeyer, Beth Michaels, Melodie Garrison, Kailey Hinds, Cindy Isenhour, Lynn Ledbetter, Anna Murphy, Reggie Parlier, Jennifer Sutley 

  • All youth and children of Holy Trinity, for the Holy Spirit to guide them 

  • The Call Committee: Tia Abernathy, Donna Allen, Sam Black, Leisa Brown, Bill Eaker, Janet Green, Glenn Rupp, Grant Sparks, Grace Young, Bruce Zander 

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