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Sunday - December 5, 2021



Nursery - 5th Grade

No SNL tonight

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we hope you enjoy the Easter holiday with your family!  We will see you again next Sunday at 5pm for SNL – invite a friend to join you!

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Nursery - 5th Grade

Children’s Ministry


Good morning!  Children’s Sunday school is at 10am downstairs in the main church building.  This Sunday we are studying Mark 7:31-37  (A Hearing Aide).


Nursery Available:  If you have infants or younger children (aged three and under) worshiping with you, please let an usher know!



Children’s and Youth Ministry Together


Gastonia Christmas Parade:  The youth and children will go to the Gastonia Christmas Parade this afternoon!  Bring your thermos for delicious hot cider!  If you would like for your child to ride the church van to the parade, meet in the church parking lot by 3:30pm. If not, we will meet at First United Methodist Church parking lot at 3:45pm.


Christmas Caroling:  The children and youth will go Christmas Caroling to our homebound and those in nursing homes next Sunday, December 12.  We will meet here at Holy Trinity by 4:45pm and the church van will leave at 5pm.


6th-12th Grade

SNL tonight at 5pm:   We will meet for dinner, study and fellowship. Please contact Cody Carpenter with any questions.


Rake and Run: Thank you to all of our Youth and other servants who participated in yesterday’s Rake And Run!  We were able to bless several disciples with our efforts. Round two will be this coming Saturday, December 11. Please contact Cody Carpenter if you are interested in joining us as we help our Holy Trinity friends.