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About HTLC Gastonia


A congregation of people who are trying to be followers and disciples of Jesus Christ in all that we do. We gather together on Sunday mornings to worship the one true God and to be spiritually fed by his Word and his presence. From there, we are energized by the Holy Spirit to share God’s love and good news with the rest of the world in many different ways. A few of those ways can be found on our website. You are invited to visit us in person and learn how you can become a part of this ministry.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC).   Information about the NALC can be found at

HTLC Gastonia Staff
Pastor Tom Corbell. July 2022.png

Kim Borromeo

Church Administrator

Tom Corbell

Intentional Interim Pastor

Staff Photo.Cody Carpenter square 2022.jpg

Cody Carpenter

Interim Ministry Assistant

Staff Photo.Matthew Noonan 2022.jpg

Matthew Noonan


David Stephens 2020.jpg

David Stephens




Rick Jones

Steve McLamb

Frank Moxham

Judy Zander


Anna Houser (President)

Kristen Parsons Rupp (VP)

Richard DeFreitas (Secretary)

Lee Young


Martin Brown

Bill Eaker

Donna Motsinger

Lee Stadther (Treasurer)

Tom Corbell - Intentional Interim Pastor

Lee Stadther - Treasurer

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