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York-Chester Middle School Wish List During April, Holy Trinity will collect the following to donate to the students and teachers at York-Chester Middle School: Expo Markers (for whiteboards), Deodorant, and Women’s Sanitary Napkins. Thank you!

Majestic Palms If anyone wishes to winter one of Holy Trinity's palms, please take one. Please keep it in the same pot to return next year. Thank you!


Family Trip to George Poston Park Join us on 4/14/24 at 1:00pm. Bring a bagged lunch! 


Church Council The next church council meeting will be on 4/15/24 at 7:00pm.  


Girls Night Out at Cheddars Restaurant Ladies of Holy Trinity, join us for a night out on 4/16/24 at 6:30pm! 


Battle of the Books Returns to Holy Trinity to set up on 4/17/24 and will occupy the PLC on 4/18/24. 


LaVerne Davis Small Group join us on 4/18/24 at 10:00am! 


Parents Morning Out Parents, enjoy a morning out with childcare provided by Holy Trinity on 4/20/24 from 8:45am-1:00pm. Contact Cody to sign up! 


Veterans Soup & Sandwich bring your friends and join us for a soup and sandwich lunch on 4/23/24 at 11am.  


Youth Spring Lock-In Youth of Holy Trinity, join us for a spring lock-in on 4/26/24 starting at 6:00pm and ending on 4/27/24 at 10:00am. Contact Cody for more! 


Celebratory Dinner with Pastor Tom Join us for dinner and fellowship as we celebrate Pastor Tom’s ministry at Holy Trinity on 4/27/24. More details to come! 


Upcoming birthdays to celebrate:  Garrett Oakes (4/12), Carson Johnson (4/13), Sawyer Norton (4/15), Donna Allen (4/16), Kristen Parsons-Rupp (4/16), Les Miller (4/17), Bruce Zander (4/17), Robbie Oakes (4/18), Betty Blalock (4/20), Debbie Keller (4/21), Ashley King (4/21), & Bridget Niemeyer (4/21). Happy birthday to you all! 

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