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Red Poinsettia

2023 Christmas Poinsettias

Thank you for your gift, HTLC Gastonia! Below is the master list of all who gave in honor or memory of a loved one(s). Please remember to pick up your poinsettia by 12/31/23. 

HTLC Poinsettias are Given to the Glory of God and in Memory Of: 

  • My wonderful husband now with God, James, "Jim" Guffey by Ruby "Deu" Guffey 

  • Jean Nolen by Frank & Sissy Moxham 

  • Wilma Harding by Frank & Sissy Moxham 

  • James O. Heracklis by Rick & Pepie Jones 

  • Joseph Guy & Dorothy Jones by Rick & Pepie Jones 

  • Our parents, John & Helen Sautner and Lela & Ted Braswell by John & Charlotte Sautner 

  • Mr. & Mrs. David Lockwood, Mr. & Mrs. John Waldrop Sr. by John & Sarah Waldrop 

  • Clyde & Iola Niemeyer, Howard & Lena Loflen by Charles & Carolyn Niemeyer 

  • Our Parents by The Kosak Family 

  • Those that have gone before us by Bob & LaVada Barnhill 

  • Vernon & Ruth Davis, William Busch by Lee & Donna Allen 

  • Our Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Gustav Porath and Mr. & Mrs. Martin Campbell Sr. by Martin & Diane Campbell 

  • Eliane Sparks, Madge Rhyne, & Jane Alexander by The Sparks Family 

  • Walker Hayes, Billie Barnes, Hilda Turner by Mick & Carla McMahan 

  • Mr. & Mrs. John Lethermon, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Schrum, Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Rector, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Schrum, Philip Schrum, Chuck Arthur, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Keever by  

  • A.L. McCarter by Nancy & Jimmy Faulkner 

  • James Faulkner Sr. by Nancy & Jimmy Faulkner 

  • Carol & James Myers, Dave & Geri Rudisill, Hazel & Buck Gibbons, Billie & Terry Thames, Laura Screws, Charles Mercer by Tess & Butch Gibbons 

  • B by Kim K Smith 

  • Mr William T. Harper, Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Harper/ Mr. & Mrs. Harry Collins Sr. by Darlene Harper 

HTLC Poinsettias are Given to the Glory of God and in Honor Of: 

  • Friends and Fellow Congregational Members of Holy Trinity - Although separated by distance not in our discipleship and faith by Craig C. and Susan C. Kluttz 

  • Maria Heracklis by Rick & Pepie Jones 

  • Joseph Benjamin & Jennifer Craven by Rick & Pepie Jones 

  • Maria, Craig, & Caleb Ray, Mary Francis J. Lewis by Rick & Pepie Jones 

  • Pastor Tom & Anne Corbell by John & Charlotte Sautner 

  • The Upper Room Class by John & Charlotte Sautner 

  • Dr. Reggie & Barbara Parlier by John & Charlotte Sautner 

  • Sarah & John Waldrop by John & Charlotte Sautner 

  • David & Martha Williard by John & Charlotte Sautner 

  • Bob & Marie Ferguson by John & Charlotte Sautner 

  • Life Group, Scott & Michelle Davis and family, Joel & Alison Henry and family by John & Sarah Waldrop 

  • Our Children & Grandchildren by The Kosaks 

  • Our Church Staff: Pastor Tom, Chris, Cody, and Kim by Lee & Donna Allen 

  • Our Grandchildren: Andrew, Adeline, Hailey, Kayla, Victoria, & Chloe by Martin & Diane Campbell 

  • Tessa E Abernathy, our precious granddaughter by Katrina & Lee Hinds 

  • Jane McCarter by Nancy & Jimmy Faulkner 

  • Edith Faulkner by Nancy & Jimmy Faulkner 

  • Mary Elizbeth, B.J., and baby Mattox by Nancy & Jimmy Faulkner 

  • A.J. Faulkner by Nancy & Jimmy Faulkner 

  • Kacey, Clete, Jacob, and Camden Myers by Tess & Butch Gibbons 

  • Donna Gehringer by Kim K Smith 

  • Our church family at Holy Trinity by Pastor Tom and Ann Corbell 

  • And thanks for the congregation of Holy Trinity by Brack & Amy East  

  • Our family by Bruce & Judy Zander 

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